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February 2017
28E-Mortgages(2): Overview & Considerations
28Tax Reform: The Potential Impact on Residential Lending
28-16School of Loan Origination II IGOL - February 2017
March 2017
2CE: Update and Overview of Recent RESPA Consent Orders
7CE: Overview of Fair Servicing Regulations
7-10School of Mortgage Banking II - March 2017- Washington, DC
8Real-Time Demand: Considerations on Mortgage Automation
8Resolving Policy Questions on VA - Guaranteed Home Loans
9Special Purpose National Bank Charters for Fintech Companies
14-28Introduction To Mortgage Banking - March 2017
15-16Multifamily Property Inspection Workshop - Charlotte, NC
15Warehouse Lending I: The Basics of Warehouse Lending
21Introduction To Fannie Mae's Day 1 Certainty
22Warehouse Lending II: The Finer Points of Warehouse Lending
23MAA Quarterly Advocacy Update
23Understanding the Economic Benefits of Diversity & Inclusion
26Residential Mortgage Banking for the IT Professional
29HMDA Implementation Workshop - Chicago, IL
29HMDA Implementation Workshop - Chicago, IL (Live Stream)
April 2017
3Residential Underwriting Basics, Part I: Eligibility
6-27CRE Basics: Introduction To Commercial Real Estate
10-4School of Loan Origination IGOL - April 2017
10Residential Underwriting Basics, Part II: Income
11-25Introduction To Mortgage Banking - April 2017
12CECL: Beyond the Basics
17Residential Underwriting Basics, Part III: Credit & Assets
18Bank-Owned Mortgage Division: What Bankers Need To Know
18-21School of Mortgage Banking II - April 2017 - Denver, CO
18-21School of Mortgage Banking II - April 2017 - Denver, CO
18-21School of Mortgage Banking I - April 2017 - Denver, CO
19E-Mortgages(3): Pre-Closing/Origination
20Mortgage Accounting I: Drilling Into Mortgage Accounting
24Residential Underwriting Basics, Part IV: Collateral
26-27Advanced Servicing Workshop - April 2017 - Texas
27Mortgage Accounting II: Loan Level Accounting
May 2017
1Appraisal (1): Engagement & Compliance With the Regulations
4Mortgage Accounting III: Hedging For Accountants
4-25CRE Basics: Underwriting Multifamily & Valuation - May 2017
8Appraisal (2): Sales Comparison Approach - A Case Study
9Benchmarking Yourself As a Mortgage Lender
11Mortgage Accounting IV: Hedge Accounting and GAAP Reporting
15Appraisal (3): Income Approach - A Case Study
16-19School of Mortgage Banking I - May 2017 - Pewaukee, WI
17Mortgage Repurchase Risk: Understanding Analytics & Trends
18Builder's Risk Insurance: Coverage & Claim Perspectives
22Appraisal (4): Single Family Residential & the URAR Report

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