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July 2019
23-26School of Mortgage Banking II - July 2019 - Washington, DC
23-26School of Mortgage Banking I - July 2019 - Washington, DC
24-14CRE Basics: Intro to Commercial Loan Servicing - July 2019
24Mortgage Servicing and Sub-Servicing Part II - Details
August 2019
1CE: CCPA: Understanding Data Security & Privacy Regulations
6CE: FHA Default Servicing and Claims Update
6VA Underwriting for Military Veterans
7CE: How the Proposed Amendments to Reg F will impact FDCPA
13-16School of Mortgage Banking III - August 2019 -Washington, DC
13-16School of Mortgage Banking I - August 2019 - Denver, CO
14Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst:CRE Loan Workouts 101
19-9CRE Basics:Prop Inspec/Environmental Concerns-August 2019
20CMF: Catastrophic Insurance
21CE: Update on State-Level Litigation and Emerging Trends
21-23Multifamily School of Mortgage Banking - August 2019
September 2019
9CE: Diversity & Section 342 - What You Need to Know
10-24Introduction To Mortgage Banking - September 2019
11-12Multifamily Property Inspection Workshop - Washington, DC
11CE: Supreme Court & Appellate Court Update - Year in Review
11Mortgage Accounting I: Drilling into Mortgage Accounting
15Advanced Risk Management Concepts Workshop
15Managing the Risks of CFPB and State Examinations
16-7CRE Basics: Underwriting Retail - September 2019
17-20School of Mortgage Banking II - September 2019 - Dallas, TX
17-20School of Mortgage Banking I - September 2019 - Dallas, TX
17Maximizing the Customer Experience in a Social Media World
17CMF: General, Umbrella, and Prof. Liability Insurance
18CE: Update on Recent Class Action & Private Litigation
18Mortgage Accounting II: Loan Level Accounting
18Bank-Owned Mortgage Division: What Bankers Need to Know
25Mortgage Accounting III: Hedging For Accountants
25CE: Trends in CFPB Servicing Rules
25-16CRE Basics:BMC & Financial Statement Analysis-September 2019
October 2019
8-1School of Loan Origination IGOL - October 2019
9Mortgage Accounting IV: Hedge Accounting and GAAP reporting
11-22Commercial CMS Written Exam Prep Course - Fall 2019
14-24School of Mortgage Servicing IGOL - October 2019
15CMF: Overview of CMF Insurance Compliance 2019
16Budgeting and Financial Planning for Non-Believers
16Mortgage Accounting V: Cash and Capital Preservation

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