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June 2017
28Commercial Loan Origination: Sales Training Workshop - TX
28-29Small Balance and Portfolio Lending Summit
29CE: CFPB Exams and Trends in State Examinations
29-20CRE Basics:Prop Inspec/Environmental Concerns-June 2017
July 2017
10-3School of Loan Origination IGOL - July 2017
11-25Introduction To Mortgage Banking - July 2017
11-1CRE Basics:Appraisal & Three Approaches To Value-July 2017
12Mortgage Servicing and Sub-Servicing Part I Overview
12-13Multifamily Property Inspection Workshop - Chicago, IL
13Latest Guidance on Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) Market
17-27School of Mortgage Servicing - July 2017
18FHA Quality Control Requirements
18Mortgage Lending & A Summary of GSE Risk Share Opportunities
19Mortgage Servicing and Sub-Servicing Part II - Details
19-20CREF Market Intelligence Symposium
21Collateral Underwriting Workshop
25E-Mortgages(5): Electronic Closing
25-28School of Mortgage Banking II - July 2017 - McLean, VA
25-28School of Mortgage Banking I - July 2017 - McLean, VA
27Increasing Portfolio Value: Perfecting Loan Collateral
27-17CRE Basics:Underwriting Office Buildings/Valuation-July 2017
August 2017
2-3Advanced Servicing Workshop - August 2017, Jacksonville, FL
8Creating a Successful Originator Rookie Training Program
9Impact of the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulations
10Best Execution and Beyond - Your Evolving Sales Strategy
15-18School of Mortgage Banking II - August 2017 - Seattle, WA
15-18School of Mortgage Banking I - August 2017 - Seattle, WA
17Understanding Emotional Intelligence for Mortgage Leaders
22CRE Basics:Loan Closing & Loan Documentation-August 2017
22-25School of Mortgage Banking III- August 2017 - Washington, DC
23E-Mortgages(6): Electronic Vault/Electronic Note Registry
23-25MISMO XML Primer
24-14CRE Basics:Underwriting Retail & Valuation-August 2017

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