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 A Model for A Deliberate Approach to "Being Digital"
 An Update on OCC's Special Purpose National Bank Charters
 Appraisal I: Evaluating Collateral Risk
 Benchmarking Yourself As A Mortgage Lender
 Budgeting and Financial Planning for Non-Believers
 CE HMDA Data Points Series: Complete Collection
 CE HMDA Data Points: Applicant Information
 CE HMDA Data Points: Application and Loan Information
 CE HMDA Data Points: Identifiers
 CE HMDA Data Points: Loan Features and Pricing
 CE HMDA Data Points: Property Information
 CE HMDA Data Points: Underwriting Information
 CE: CFPB Exams and Trends
 CE: HMDA Series 1: 2018 Issues & Considerations
 CE: HMDA Series 2: LEI and ULIs
 CE: HMDA Series 3: Data Testing
 CE: HMDA Series 4: Fair Lending
 CE: Lead Provider Regulations & Vendor Oversight
 CE: LO Comp: Guidance and Q&A with the Experts
 CE: Payoff Statement Requirements for Servicers
 CE: Social Media & Digital Advertising
 CE: State Licensing Requirements for Mortgage Servicers
 CE: The CCPA: What You Need to Know
 CE: Trends in State Attorneys General Enforcement Actions
 CE: TRID Series 1: 2018 Issues & Considerations
 CE: TRID Series 2: Looking Toward October Implementation
 CE: TRID Series 3: TRID 2.0 - What Are We Seeing?
 CE: Understanding Successor in Interest Requirements
 CE: Update on AML/SAR Reporting and Enforcement (Recording)
 CE: Update on Recent Class Action & Private Litigation
 CE: Update on Remote Online Notarization
 CE: Update on State-Level Litigation and Emerging Trends
 CE: Update on the 2018 HMDA Final Rule & Partial Exemptions
 CMF: Fundamentals of Commercial Insurance
 CMF: Overview of CMF Insurance Compliance
 CMF: Policy Review & Boiler/Machinery Coverage Overview
 CMF: Self-Insurance, Captives and Fronting
 D&I (Organizational): Learn from the Leaders - Part I
 D&I: Homeownership Trends Among Asian American Communities
 D&I: How to Boost Sales in Multicultural Markets
 D&I: Increasing Sales with Women Homebuyers
 D&I: Organizational ROI - Part I
 D&I: Organizational ROI - Part II
 D&I: Organizational ROI - Part III
 De-mystifying Debt Funds and Their Role in CRE Finance
 E-Mortgages (A): Overview & Considerations
 E-Mortgages (B): E-Signatures & Tamper Evident Seals
 E-Mortgages (C): E-Documents & SMART Docs
 E-Mortgages (D): E-Closings
 E-Mortgages (E): E-Vault/E-Note Registry
 E-Mortgages(F):E-Warehouse Lending&E-Investor Requirements
 Effective Internal Audit Function: Beyond the Basics
 Emotional Intelligence for Mortgage Leaders
 Flood Insurance Compliance - A Case Study Approach
 Flood Insurance Requirements: The Current Landscape
 Freddie Mac Multifamily Fraud Detection Compliance
 Generating Purchase Business Through Consumer Direct
 High Tech vs High Touch: Building the Right Sales Business
 IMBs: Joina Bank, Buy a Bank, or Stay Independent
 Impacts of Blockchain on the Real Estate Ecosystem
 Introduction to Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities
 Introduction To Internal Audits for Mortgage Bankers
 Key Fundamentals of Flood Insurance
 Mortgage Accounting (A): Drilling Into Mortgage Accounting
 Mortgage Accounting (B): Loan Level Accounting
 Mortgage Accounting (C): Hedging For Accountants
 Mortgage Accounting (D): Hedge Accounting and GAAP Reporting
 Mortgage Accounting (E): Cash and Capital Preservation
 Mortgage Lending in 2019: What the Heck Do I Do Now?
 mPower Webinar Series: Creating Work-Life Harmony
 mPower Webinar Series: Negotiating Your Worth
 mPower: Command Any Room - Sell Yourself & Your Ideas
 mPower: Every Business Woman's Essential Guide to Safety
 New Capital Stack: Value & Applications of Commercial PACE
 Non-QM Webinar Series Part I: Facts & Fiction of Non-QM
 Non-QM Webinar Series Part II: Key Underwriting Focal Points
 Non-QM Webinar Series Part III: Originating & Closing Non-QM
 Non-QM Webinar Series Part III: Originating & Closing Non-QM
 Opportunity Zone Tax Implications for Real Estate
 Prop 10: Rent Control Initiative & the CA General Election
 Roadmap for Moving from Paper to Digital - Lender
 Roadmap for Moving from Paper to Digital - Servicing
 Single Security Initiative - What Lenders Need to Know
 Successful TPO Selling: Prospecting for New Brokers
 Ten Things Your Company Must Do in 2019
 Twenty Performance Ratios Mortgage Bankers Must know
 UCC Foreclosure Sales & Borrower Default Remedy Options
 Understanding ALTA/NSPS Surveys & Zoning Compliance Reports

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