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 Appraisal (1): Engagement & Compliance (Recording)
 Appraisal (2): Sales Comparison Approach (Recording)
 Appraisal (3): Income Approach (Recording)
 Appraisal (4): SF Residential & URAR Report (Recording)
 Bank-Owned Mortgage Divisions: What Bankers Need to Know
 Benchmarking Yourself As A Mortgage Lender (Recording)
 Beyond Best Execution - Your Evolving Sales Strategy
 Budgeting and Financial Planning for Non-Believers
 Builder's Risk Insurance: Coverage & Claim Perspectives
 CE HMDA Data Points Series: Complete Collection
 CE HMDA Data Points: Applicant Information
 CE HMDA Data Points: Application and Loan Information
 CE HMDA Data Points: Identifiers
 CE HMDA Data Points: Loan Features and Pricing
 CE HMDA Data Points: Property Information
 CE HMDA Data Points: Underwriting Information
 CE: 2017 HMDA Implementation Workshop (Recording)
 CE: Acceleration Requirements for Servicers (Recording)
 CE: CFPB & Update to Know Before You Owe (Recording)
 CE: CFPB Exams and Trends in State Examinations (Recording)
 CE: CFPB Leadership & Impact on Real Estate Finance
 CE: CFPB Overview of the Mortgage Servicing Rule (Recording)
 CE: CFPB's Mortgage Servicing Rules Update (Recording)
 CE: Checklist for Effective Compliance Management Systems
 CE: Diversity & Section 342 - Part I (Recording)
 CE: Diversity & Section 342 - Part II (Recording)
 CE: False Claims Act Update (Recording)
 CE: FHA Annual Recertification Process (Recording)
 CE: Introduction to the CFPB's New HMDA Platform (Recording)
 CE: Loan Originator Compensation Rule Update (Recording)
 CE: Overview of Fair Servicing Regulations (Recording)
 CE: Post PHH Oral Argument Update (Recording)
 CE: Recent FCRA Regulation, Enforcement & Litigation Updates
 CE: Successor in Interest Requirements (Recording)
 CE: Supreme Court & Appellate Court Update (Recording)
 CE: Supreme Court Fair Lending Ruling Involving Big Banks
 CE: Update of Recent RESPA Consent Orders (Recording)
 CE: Update on HMDA and Q&A's with the Experts (Recording)
 CE: Vendor Management Update (Recording)
 Closing With Confidence: Part I (Recording)
 Closing With Confidence: Part II (Recording)
 Closing With Confidence: Part III (Recording)
 CMF: Fundamentals of Commercial Insurance
 Consumer Direct Origination: Driving Purchase Money
 Creating a Successful Rookie Originator Training Program
 De-Mystifying Secondary Marketing, Part I
 De-Mystifying Secondary Marketing, Part II
 Dodd Frank Stress Testing: Approaches & Options for Lenders
 E-Mortgages (1): Introduction to E-Mortgages
 E-Mortgages (2): Overview & Considerations (Recording)
 E-Mortgages(3): E-Signatures & Tamper Evident Seals
 E-Mortgages(4): Electronic Documents & SMART Docs
 E-Mortgages(5): Electronic Closing
 E-Mortgages(6): Electronic Vault/Electronic Note Registry
 E-Mortgages(7):E-Warehouse Lending&E-Investor Requirements
 Emotional Intelligence for Mortgage Leaders (Recording)
 Essentials of Servicing Transfers (Recording)
 Excel for Commercial Real Estate Finance Professionals
 Foreclosure Fundamentals (Recording)
 Freddie Mac Multifamily Fraud Detection Compliance
 Fundamentals of Commercial Insurance, Issues, and Problems
 Impact of the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulations Webinar
 Improving Sales Talent: Hiring Superior Originators
 Improving Sales Talent:Recruiting The Best Sales Originators
 Interest Rate Risk & The Effects on Mortgage Fee Income
 Intermediate & Advanced Underwriting Scenarios
 Introduction to Fannie Mae's Day 1 Certainty (Recording)
 Introduction To Internal Audits for Mortgage Bankers
 Introduction to Secondary Pipeline Risk Management
 Latest Guidance on Mortgage Servicing Rights Market
 Mortgage Accounting I: Drilling Into Mortgage Accounting
 Mortgage Accounting II: Loan Level Accounting
 Mortgage Accounting III: Hedging For Accountants
 Mortgage Accounting IV: Hedge Accounting and GAAP Reporting
 Mortgage Repurchase Risk: Analytics & Trends
 Mortgage Servicing and Sub-Servicing Part I Overview
 Mortgage Servicing and Sub-Servicing Part II - Details
 Practical Blockchain Applications for Mortgage Lenders
 Practical Blockchain Applications for Mortgage Lenders: Q&A
 Preparing for the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac UCD
 Preparing for the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac UCD(2): Q&A Session
 Recruit, Interview & Hire the Right Originators, Part I
 Recruit, Interview & Hire the Right Originators, Part II
 Recruit, Interview & Hire the Right Originators, Part III
 Residential Construction: Homeownership, Supply & Headwinds
 Residential Underwriting Basics, Part I: Eligibility
 Residential Underwriting Basics, Part II: Income
 Residential Underwriting Basics, Part III: Credit & Assets
 Residential Underwriting Basics, Part IV: Collateral
 Special Purpose National Bank Charters for Fintech Companies
 Tax Reform Proposals & The Potential Effects on CRE Finance
 Tax Reform: Important Considerations for Mortgage Companies
 Tax Reform: The Potential Impact on Residential Lending
 Tax Reform: What The Mortgage Industry Needs to Know
 Ten Performance Ratios That Every Mortgage Banker Must Know
 Ten Things Your Company Must Do in 2018
 The Lock Desk's Role in the Secondary Marketing Department
 Top Ten Quality Control Errors in Residential Lending
 Understanding the Impact of the New HUD 2530 Rules
 Update on Tax Reform Proposals & the Impact on CRE Finance
 Updates To NIST Digital Identity Guidelines
 Using Internal Audits to Detect Risk & Improve Profitability
 Warehouse Lending, I: The Basics of Warehouse Lending
 Warehouse Lending, II: The Finer Points of Warehouse Lending

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