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 RC_GO_100.1 Introduction to Mortgage Banking
 RC_GO_100.2 Loan Production Basics
 RC_GO_100.3 Funding, Warehousing, Shipping, and QC Basics
 RC_GO_100.4 Secondary Marketing Basics
 RC_GO_100.5 Loan Administration Basics
 RC_LP_P_200.1 Processing Fundamentals
 RC_LP_P_200.2 The Loan Application for Processors
 RC_LP_P_200.3 Verification and Supporting Documentation
 RC_LP_P_200.4 Property Appraisal for Processors
 RC_LP_P_200.5 File Review and Submission
 RC_LP_U_200.4 Asset Review in Residential Underwriting
 RC_RC_GO_100.1 Introduction to Regulatory Compliance
 RC_RC_GO_100.2 Reg Comp in the Residential Lending Cycle
 RC_RC_GO_200.1 Consumer Financial Protection Laws
 RC_RC_GO_201.1 Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity Laws
 RC_RC_GO_203.1 Privacy and Credit-Reporting Laws
 RC_RC_GO_204.1 Anti-Money Laundering Laws
 RC_RC_GO_205.1 Communication Laws
 RC_RC_GO_206.1 Residential Loan Servicing Laws
 RC_RC_GO_300.1 TRID Compliance Basics
 RC_RC_GO_301.1 ECOA Compliance Basics
 RC_RC_GO_302.1 RESPA Compliance Basics
 RC_RC_GO_303.1 TILA Compliance Basics
 RC_RC_GO_304.1 HMDA Compliance Basics
 RC_RC_GO_306.1 UDAP, UDAAP, & the MAP Rule Compliance Basics
 RC_RC_GO_400.1 Loan File Review for Compliance Profs
 RC_RC_GO_401.1 Reviewing Marketing for Compliance Profs
 RC_RC_GO_402.1 Working the Help Desk for Compliance Profs
 RC_RC_GO_403.1 Reviewing Bus Processes for Compliance Profs

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