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 A Model for A Deliberate Approach to "Being Digital"
 API Fundamentals for Your Mortgage Lending Operations
 Appraisal I: Evaluating Collateral Risk
 Appraisal II: Pros & Cons of Various Valuation Products
 Appraisal III: Revisions, Reconsiderations & Rebuttals
 Appraisal IV: Latest Developments in USPAP
 Bank-Owned Mortgage Division: What Bankers Need to Know
 Basics of Commercial Loan Closing and Loan Documentation
 Benchmarking Yourself as a Mortgage Lender
 Budgeting and Financial Planning for Non-Believers
 CE: Loan Originator Compensation - Guidance and Q&A
 CE: Payoff Statement Requirements for Mortgage Servicers
 CE: Regulatory Considerations for HELOCs
 CE: State Licensing Requirements for Mortgage Servicers
 CE: Supreme Court & Appellate Court Update - Year in Review
 CE: The Latest in Vendor Management Regulations
 CE: Trends in State Attorneys General Enforcement Actions
 CE: Understanding Successor in Interest Requirements
 CE: Update on AML/SAR Reporting and Enforcement
 CE: Update on Recent Class Action & Private Litigation
 CE: Update on Social Media & Digital Advertising Regulations
 CE: Update on State-Level Litigation and Emerging Trends
 CMF: Catastrophic Insurance
 CMF: Commercial Insurer Ratings and Property Claims
 CMF: Fundamentals of Commercial Insurance
 CMF: General, Umbrella, and Prof. Liability Insurance
 CMF: Ordinance or Law Insurance
 CMF: Overview of CMF Insurance Compliance 2019
 CMF: Self-Insurance and Reinsurance
 CMF: Top Commercial Insurance Issues and Problems
 D&I: How to Boost Sales in Multicultural Markets
 D&I: How to Provide Quality Services for Immigrant Families
 D&I: Techniques to Improve Customer Loyalty Across Cultures
 De-mystifying Debt Funds and Their Role in CRE Finance
 Excel for Commercial Real Estate Finance Professionals
 Generating Purchase Business Through Consumer Direct
 High Tech vs High Touch: Building the Right Sales Business
 How Mortgage Lenders are Reducing Costs with Robotics
 Introduction to Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities
 Introduction to Internal Audits for Mortgage Bankers
 Mortgage Accounting I - Drilling into Mortgage Accounting
 Mortgage Accounting II: Loan Level Accounting
 Mortgage Accounting III: Hedging For Accountants
 Mortgage Accounting IV: Hedge Accounting and GAAP reporting
 Mortgage Accounting V: Cash and Capital Preservation
 Mortgage Servicing and Sub-Servicing Part I - Overview
 Mortgage Servicing and Sub-Servicing Part II - Details
 mPower: Command Any Room - Sell Yourself & Your Ideas
 Non-QM Webinar Series Part II: Key Underwriting Focal Points
 Non-QM Webinar Series Part III: Originating & Closing Non-QM
 Single Security Initiative - What Lenders Need to Know
 Successful TPO Selling: Prospecting for New Brokers
 Ten Things Your Mortgage Company Must Do in 2019
 Twenty Performance Ratios Every Mortgage Banker Must Know
 UCC Foreclosure Sales & Borrower Default Remedy Options
 Using Internal Audits to Detect Risk & Improve Profitability

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