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VA Underwriting for Military Veterans
Member Price: $99.00
Nonmember Price: $299.00
Product Code: E2191716BR/REGIS
Date Held:
August 6, 2019

 Before 8/6/2019StandardAfter 8/6/2019

Description of Product
Date Held:
August 6 

Service members and military veterans have the advantage of purchasing their home using the VA loan benefit, a 100 percent LTV, zero down payment loan, that includes seller concessions to help service members and veterans purchase a home without spending all of their savings.

While the loans are beneficial, service members and veterans have different credit histories and backgrounds than civilians purchasing a home. For example, a service member receives a guaranteed salary from the military so that they receive a consistent paycheck. Civilians can unexpectedly lose their jobs at any time.

Veterans may not only have their military pension but can add another job as income. But what happens if there is a rare exception, as there was for the Coast Guard branch of the military during the government shutdown? Even though members of the military typically receive steady paychecks, they might also find challenges in their lives, such as deployment and more tours of duty, less access to communication with bill collectors and financial institutions, potential setbacks due to personal injury or divorce. Civilians can experience similar setbacks, but they appear more common among men and women in the military. For these reasons, and more, underwriting VA loans requires unique skills.


Tuesday, August 6, 2019


2:00-3:30 PM EST

Attendees should expect to understand:
  • Advantages of manual underwriting vs. automated underwriting in VA loans
  • Credit history and background factors of servicemembers and veterans and how they are different from backgrounds of civilian borrowers
  • Key differences in underwriting VA loans vs. FHA and/or conforming loans
  • Understanding VA appraisals as opposed to the FHA and/or conventional appraisals
  • A checklist for VA underwriters that differs from the FHA or Conventional loan underwriter


  • Michael Oursler, Chief Credit Officer, NewDay USA

Who Should Attend?

  • VA/FHA and Conventional underwriters
  • Mortgage loan originators
  • Loan processors
  • Real estate brokers/agents
  • VA mortgage servicers
Product Category:
Live Webinars 
Contact Info:

For registration information, call (800)-793-6222 or email education@mba.org

Contact E-mail:
VA Underwriting for Military Veterans 

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