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End-To-End Digital Loan Trading as a Lender or Investor
Member Price: $199.00
Nonmember Price: $279.00
Product Code: E2181716CQ/REGIS
Date Held:
September 26, 2018

 Before 9/26/2018StandardAfter 9/26/2018

Description of Product
Date Held:
September 26 

While the mortgage industry has been increasingly talking about the concept of digital loan trading, several major milestones have been recently and unexpectedly realized in a very short period of time. The entire investor community has already adopted digital loan trading on some levels, with the robustness of technology already on a fast-track to bring secondary marketing to new heights by the end of 2018 and beyond. This panel session looks past the "what could be" rhetoric and focuses on how attendees can learn directly from investors, lenders and vendors that are already successfully electronically executing whole loan trades quicker, more efficiently and more profitability. The game is rapidly changing and this panel brings together the topics and people to deliver a one-of-a-kind panel session on digitalizing loan trading in the secondary market.

Attendees will leave the session with an understanding of where digitalization of the secondary market is currently at and where it’s headed; the business strategies to be successful; the technology tools, systems and workflows to enable it; and a solid "getting started kit" on how to capitalize on the momentum of whole loan trading execution via sophisticated, new technology that has just recently become available.

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

2:00-3:30 PM EST


Attendees can expect to understand:
  • Digitization of the secondary market is already happening. Where is it now and where is it headed? What lenders and investors absolutely need to know.
  • Whole loan trading automation implementation and the mix of technologies to support it.
  • How to achieve security, transparency, communication and efficiency gains.
  • Delivery channels in whole loan trading. Rise of the bulk bid tape and potential disruptors on the horizon.
  • Increased visibility and collaboration: more parties will be able to peer into the bid tape whole loan process, all the way down to the Account Executive level.
  • Ensuring your data is clean and integrated for effective digitization of whole loan trading along with a sound hedging strategy to support it.
  • Lender and investor pitfalls to look out for in a dynamic, rapidly changing digital loan trading marketplace.
  • The challenges increased granularity in pricing presents for Mark to Market valuation and accounting.
  • Getting started - what is the game plan for lenders and investors?


  • Phil Rasori , COO, Mortgage Capital Trading
  • Greg Vacura, SVP Correspondent Pricing, Wells Fargo

Who Should Attend?

  • Capital Markets Director
  • Capital Markets Analyst
  • Secondary Marketing Manager
  • Secondary Marketing Analyst
  • Lock Desk Manager
  • CFO
  • Owner
  • President
Product Category:
Live Webinars 
Contact Info:

For registration information, call (800)-793-6222 or email education@mba.org

Contact E-mail:
End-To-End Digital Loan Trading as a Lender or Investor 
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