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CS_S_204 CMF Servicer Surveillance
Member Price: $119.00
Nonmember Price: $169.00
Product Code: DL2-001021-WC-W
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Description of Product
This course is only for purchase through a corporate training agreement OR through the purchase of the Level I package of the Commercial Servicing Certificate Program

This is a commercial/multifamily series course, a component of the Level I Commercial Servicing Certificate Program.

Commercial/Multifamily (CMF) Servicer Surveillance explores the commercial/multifamily servicer's role of monitoring the anticipated and unanticipated issues or events that may impact the performance of a commercial/multifamily mortgage loan. The servicer's underlying goal is to collect and communicate loan information that will enable interested parties to protect the value of the property as collateral for the mortgage loan.

The series begins with a general introduction course that discusses servicer loan level surveillance; defining and describing the servicer's surveillance responsibilities as well as the tools used in this process. The following course addresses loan surveillance including the borrower's requirements and tax, insurance, and reserve escrows. Next, there is a course on property surveillance that covers risks related to various property types, property inspections, special property considerations, and tenants.

The next course deals with performance surveillance which includes financial statement analysis, monetary default, non-monetary default, and triggers and compliance tests.

The series ends with a course explaining how the servicer communicates surveillance findings to the appropriate parties and steps they may take in response to surveillance findings.

Series Goals

Upon completion of this series, learners should be able to:

  • Define surveillance and describe the servicer's basic responsibilities in performing loan-level surveillance.
  • Outline the servicer's role in monitoring compliance with the loan document terms.
  • Recall the servicer's role in monitoring the collateral.
  • Describe the servicer's role in monitoring loan performance.
  • Explain how servicers communicate surveillance findings and steps they may take in response to surveillance findings.

Series Outline

CMF Surveillance Fundamentals

  • Introduction to CMF Surveillance
  • CMF Surveillance Tools
  • The Servicer's Role in CMF Surveillance
  • CMF Surveillance Ethics

CMF Loan Surveillance

  • Borrower Performance
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Property Insurance
  • Reserves
  • Other CMF Loan Surveillance Items

CMF Property Surveillance

  • Risks Related to Property Type
  • Property Inspections
  • Special Property Considerations
  • Tenants

CMF Performance Surveillance

  • Performance Surveillance Fundamentals
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Monetary Default
  • Non-Monetary Default
  • Triggers and Compliance Tests

Communicating CMF Surveillance Findings

  • Reporting
  • Watchlist Reporting
  • Rating Agencies
  • Next Steps

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Self-Study Web-Based Courses 
This is a self-paced, self-study course. 
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For registration information, call (800) 793-6222 or email education@mba.org.

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CS_S_204 CMF Servicer Surveillance 
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